Naughty Housewife Mya Ryker

It’s another start to the week and another naughty housewife feature on HotGirlIndex. This time around we’re featuring the very naughty housewife Mya Ryker. She may look like you’re average girl next door housewife, but she’s far more. She has a very kinky side to her, which involves sharing herself with multiple partners.

Mya Ryker hails from Arizona where the temperature is warm and the nights are even hotter, well, the nights are hotter sometimes. I tend to find the warmer the client the kinkier the housewives. Mya is no exception to the rule. She’s an adult content creator with content spanning from solo pics and videos to sex with other guys, who are not her husband. Sometimes a housewife just needs to have fun and Mya does just that. I’m not sure who Mya’s husband is but I thank him from the bottom of my heart that he’s open to sharing Mya with his friends and the rest of the world.

As you can see from the photos below Mya has a cute face and a body meant for speed. She has all natural curves which includes fun size boobs and a nice healthy booty. As you’ll see in her videos she’s often being tossed around and contorted in all sorts of positions. Her body is definitely meant to have fun with and oh does she have fun.

If you want to see more of this naughty housewife and all her sexual adventures head over to her links page where you can find all the links to her social media and fan sites. Enjoy!

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