Bri Loves To Get Naked

When you live in Miami you do what anyone would do in a warm client, shed the clothes and get naked, anywhere and everywhere. The only exception is possibly when there’s a hurricane impacting the state. But besides that, you get naked. That’s exactly the motto today’s featured model has taken. Say hi to Bri. Bri’s into minimal clothing, when she has to, and being naked every other opportunity.

Bri is an adult content creator and she definitely has the goods. She’s a slim girl with perfect tits, a big round booty and a gorgeous face. She may look innocent, but she’s anything but. She’s a public nudity girl and we love it. She wears minimal clothing out and about so she can quickly and easy get naked for a few well times photos. She doesn’t discriminate, she’ll get naked outside, at the gym and in an airplane bathroom. If she can sneak a quick pic, she’ll find a way to do. I think Bri actually owns only two types of clothes, tank tops and booty shorts so it make it that much easier.

In addition to her public nudity antics, she’s into solo playing and doing all sorts of sneaky and nude stuff with her friends. And she does it all with a big smile on her face. If you’re wondering she does have some boy/girl vids and pics, but those are reserves for her biggest fans. If you’re not one of her biggest fans we suggest hoping over to her fan page and becoming one, it’s worth your time and money.

You can see more of Bri on her Twitter page. It’s a great sneak peak into her world and again, the good stuff is on her fan site. If you’re looking for an innocent looking model with a naughty public nudity side to her, go check out Bri. You may not find her snapping hurricane pics right now, but I’m sure she’ll be back at it soon enough, enjoy!

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