Webcam Model and Adult Performer Cleo Summers

Everyone say a big hi to Cleo Summers, webcam model and adult performer. Cleo hails from the United Kingdom where she takes filth to the next level. I’ve said some of the filthiest models in the world come from the UK and Cleo is no exception. When I use the term filth it’s a term of endearment, it’s a good thing, the filthier the better. Cleo take her filth to the next level with all of her kinks including giantess, nylons and stockings, and even a little fitness thrown in.

Cleo Summers came to fame in 2010 as a cam model. Back in 2010 cam shows were limited to R-rated content. As the years have gone on, Cleo has taken her game up to the XXX level. You can now see this previous glamour model turned full blown adult content creator bare it all. Cleo’s photos and videos include solo, boy/girl and even boy/girl/girl. It’s really increasable content. She certainly knows how to work the camera.

Cleo Summers is a big fitness fanatic and it shows. Cleo keeps her body tight, really tight. All that time she puts in at the gym really shows. Cleo has a body meant for speed, with her great tits and firm ass. If you’re going to sign-up to play with Cleo you better come ready to work.

If you have a nylon fetish, hot model fetish or fitness model, you’re going to fall in love with Cleo summers. We give Cleo our hot girl stamp of approval. If you want to see more of Cloe you can find her on Twitter and OnlyFans. You can thank us later.

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