Bimbo Barbie Doll Coco

Everyone give a warm welcome to Coco, the bimbo Barbie doll. We’ve had a number of bimbo dolls on the site below, but Coco meets the definition to the tee. She has long pink hair, big puffy lips and giant tits. All characteristics of a blow up Barbie doll. Coco lives in Amsterdam where social norms are a lot more relaxed than other places in the world. It’s no wonder you would find a plastic bimbo living there. I’m guessing when Coco is out in public she turns a lot of heads. It’s not everyday you see a Barbie doll look alike walking around, flaunting her big plastic boobs. If fake plastic girls are your thing (and that’s a compliment), definitely check out Coco. You can find more of her on Twitter and her OnlyFans pages.

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