MissionIceCream Embraces Public Nudity

Exhibitionist, public nudist, flasher, whatever you call it, MissionIceCream is it. MissionIceCream likes to be naked and exposed in public and she’s unapologetic. You can find her doing everything from hanging out at a nude beach, exposing herself at a public park or masturbating on her balcony. She’s a fun loving girl that just loves to have fun and share her body with the rest of the world.

You may be wondering where she gets the name MissionIceCream and the truth is, I have no idea. I know she likes ice cream, as you can see in the pics below, however you can tell from her body that she eats ice cream in moderation. Hey MissionIceCream, why is your name MissionIceCream? While we wait for the answer lets get back to that killer body. She has perfect perky tits, a fit body and a healthy ass. All good things for public exposure! Besides her A+ bod you have to giver her props for that pretty face. She looks so damn innocent, but she certainly has a naughty side to her. If you’re a public nudity fan make sure to add MissionIceCream to your Top 10 list. This model has it going on. See more of her public exposure adventures on her fan page and Twitter. I have the sudden urge to go get some ice cream, adios.

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