Alice Faye Likes It Both Ways

We like Alice Faye and Alice Faye likes it both ways. What do we mean when we say both ways? She’s bi and proud, loving on both men and women. Alice Faye has a bubbly personality, some great tattoos and she’s pretty cute.

Alice Faye is an adult content creator with a ton of pictures and videos spanning from solo to play with, you guessed it, men and women. She also has a kinky side to her and enjoys creating fetish content. As you can see from the pictures below she has an amazing body, built for speed. She’s slim and has great curves. She’s has perfect little natural boobs and her ass is beyond healthy. I think Alice Faye knows she has a killer ass and she isn’t shy about showing it off. Her booty is prominently featured in all her photos and videos. It’s simply amazing.

Alice Faye isn’t just curves, she an inked model as well. She has an eclectic mix of tattoos all over. Her hip tattoo is not to be missed. It’s an amazing bouquet of roses. We’re also loving Alice Faye’s intricate sternum tat.

I’m not sure if Alice Faye would put herself in the alt model category, but that’s where I would put her. She has that great alt model look that we’ve all grown to love. We’re crushing on Alice Faye and loving her sexy looks. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. Enjoy!

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