UK Babe Roxi Keogh

If you’re looking for a model that doesn’t beat around the bush and just loves have sex we have the model for you, Roxi Keogh. Roxi Keogh hails from the United Kingdom where she gets into all sorts of XXX trouble. She has flame red hair, tattoos throughout and great enhancements. She has the look and we’re all her for it!

Roxi Keogh is an unapologetic and self-proclaimed slut. She’s an adult content creator and her content includes lots and lots of sex. Her content spans the spectrum from everything including fetish content to solo masturbation to sex with boys, girls and multiples of each. I think she has sex on her mind and all times. She’s that dream girl that’s horny all the time, like a guy, but those horny vibes are in a woman. It’s an amazing things.

Her content is fire and it’s enhanced by her look. Roxi Keogh has an amazing body with quite a look. Again, the fire read hair kicks the party off and it keeps getting better from there. She has a cute face, huge (perfect) fake tits and a nice juicy ass. She also has a ton of tattoos from head to toe. We particularly like the tattoos on her ass cheeks. It all comes together nicely and it looks great whether she’s modeling or taking on multiple people at once!

We strongly recommend you go check out Roxi Keogh. You can find links to her social media and fan sites at If you like hot tattooed models that are self-proclaimed sluts, you’re going to fall in love with Roxi Keogh. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval, enjoy!

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