Tall and Curvy Leila London

We’re ending the week on a high note. Let us be the first to introduce you to the stunning, tall and curvy Leila London. Leila is 5’11” and has curves for days. At 5’11” she qualifies for Amazonian level hotness. For those of you not familiar with Amazon women, the name comes from Greek mythology. Amazons were a group of female warriors and hunters, who matched men in physical agility and strength, in archery, riding skills, and the arts of combat. I personally like those last two descriptors “riding skills” and “arts of combat”. Leila is a solo content creator, but I would venture that she also has great riding skills.

Leila London has Ghana roots which undoubtably lend themselves to her sexy look. As mentioned before she is one curvy model. Leila has big boobs and an equally big booty. Often times tall women don’t have the same proportions when it comes to the boobs and butt, but Leila definitely has the proportions going on. Leila London puts all her looks to good use as an adult content creator. She’s a solo content creator, specializing in squirting and she also has a fetish for cream pies (and we’re not talking about the Little Debbie kind).

You can find more of Leila London on her various fan sites and social media platforms here. If you love tall and curvy women you’re going to fall in love with the stunning Leila London.

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