Swedish Model Lelumanai

Say hi to tattooed Swedish model Lelumanai. Lelumanai has that classic Swedish model look with her blonde hair and blue eyes. For those of you haven’t visit Sweden or haven’t meet a Swedish girl there are a few traits that come to mind with Lelumanai, quiet, honest, creative, empathetic, imaginative, open-minded and humble. Now I don’t know Lelumanai personally, but I guess she has a lot of these attributes.

Lelumanai has a banging body with perfect natural curves. She has great teardrop shaped boobs with pierced nipples and a nice complementary ass. In addition to her sexy curves, Lelumanai has tattoos from her arms down to her legs, all with similar style, which we appreciate. Sometimes models have random tattoos all over their body, Lelumanai has style and has clearly mapped out her tats. One other feature to point out is Lelumanai unique features around her pussy and ass that are worth discovering if you haven’t spotted them already. Hint, click on a photo below and zoom in.

To see more of this sexy Swedish model go check out her fan page and Twitter. Enjoy!

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