Anja Willes In and Out of Denim Jeans

There’s something special about a women in a white button up shirt and a tight fitting pair of denim jeans. There’s something even more special watching said woman stripping out of her jeans. The classic and sexy white top and jeans look can be found everywhere from big movies to celebrity photos. It’s tough to argue that there’s a more iconic look then the shirt and jean combo. Case in point, Anja Willes.

Anja Willes is an adult actress and cam model from Germany. Anja has a very sexy look, she’s slim and has a super cute face. She has the perfect build for the shirt and jeans look. Anja takes the shirt and jeans look a step further by actually stripping off the shirt and jeans. Lets be honest, when we see those iconic pics that’s the first thing that crosses our minds, what’s underneath those close. Well, now you can find out and Anja is not shy about showing you everything that’s under hear clothes. We encourage you to sit back and enjoy the view! If you like what you see, you can find more of Anja Willes content on Twitter and her personal website.

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