Sexy Redhead Kate Utopia

A redhead with perfect tits and an awesome personality is what you get when you discover Kate Utopia. We’re ready to start the week off on a good note and Kate Utopia is that good note. She’s an adult content creator with killer looks. Her signature combination of red hair and full red lips has us wanting more, a lot more!

Kate Utopia is autistic, the first autistic model we’ve ever featured (that we know of), and she wears it on her sleeve as a badge of honor….which we applaud her for. As you can see from the photos below she’s embarrassed her autism, she doesn’t shy away from the camera and she’s comfortable expressing her feelings. Hopefully we’ll see more autistic models come out, we would love to feature and learn more about them.

We mentioned at the onset that Kate Utopia has a perfect set of tits and that’s just the start. Kate has a slim build, soft skin and a gorgeous face. She likes to paint her canvas with an eclectic mix of tattoos on her upper and lower body. We particular like the script work on her collar bone. She puts it all to good use in the content she creates, with includes both solo masturbation to boy/girl XXX. Her videos are very sensual and give you the feeling that you’re there with her.

Kate Utopia is the total package and has a little something for everyone. You can find more of her on her fan site and Twitter. She loves sexting and interacting with her fans so we suggest you go sub to her immediately. Enjoy!

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