Sexy Outdoorswoman LyssyFish

LyssyFish aka Alyssa Cannon, or maybe vice versa, is a sexy model with a twist. LyssyFish is an outdoorswoman who loves fishing, hunting, bikini modeling and oh yeah, she’s an adult content creator. I think LyssyFish is the first outdoorswoman we’ve featured on the site. When you think of models, fishing and hunting isn’t the first thing you think of, that being said there are probably a lot more LyssyFish’s out there than we know. We’re all about diversity and we’re happy to have LyssyFish on the blog.

Between LyssyFish’s favorite things to do I would say bikini modeling comes first and then fishing and hunting. In fact looking through her social media and other sites, you would think LyssyFish wears a bikini at all times. She lives in Florida so that may be a true statement as the weather lends itself to 24/7/365 bikini weather. I’m sure she doesn’t wear a bikini at all times, but the majority of the time, yes. She wears a bikini when sunning by the pool, out and about in public and she wears a bikini when fishing. Her Instagram page has tons of photos of her fishing in little bikinis. With a body like LyssyFish’s it’s no wonder why she’s always rocking a bikini. She’s a mature babe and she keeps her body looking great.

LyssyFish’s build can best be described as slim and fit. I’m not sure if she hits the gym a lot or if she keeps a fit body by all that fishing she does. She’s caught some pretty big fish which I would imagine is quite a workout. LyssyFish has great boobs, a flat stomach and a nice little booty. If you’re a fan of tattoos she has a full sleeve and quite a tat on her lower back. It all works together perfectly and as mentioned earlier she’s an adult content creator, you can see both wearing a bikini and wearing nothing at all. It’s must see content and she loves being nude in the outdoors as well.

For all you outdoorswoman fans LyssyFish is your dream come true. She’s built quite a niche and she does a great job in the space. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. Enjoy!

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