Big Booty Pawg Goddess MrsTastykakes

MrsTastykakes is a big booty pawg goddess. Some of you may be scratching your head when you see the word pawg. Pawg is short for Phase Ass White Girl, aka a white girl with a big booty. It’s a term of endearment and only used for models with big round butts.

As stated MrsTastykakes has a big round butt. It’s big, juicy and round. When looking at it from behind you truly understand the power of the Pawg. When looking at a Pawg it’s a mesmerizing experience. That booty just draws you in and you can’t resist. It doesn’t matter if MrsTastykakes is wearing a pair of tight years or has her ass fully exposed, you know she’s a pawg. Even though the focus is on MrsTastykakes’ booty there’s much more to her. MrsTastykakes has a beautiful face and the rest of her curvy body compliments her ass well.

If this is your first time being introduced to a pawg, consider yourself lucky. Yes there are other pawgs out there and yes they will be featured on Hot Girl Index. For now sit back and enjoy the booty of MrsTastykakes. You can see a lot more of MrsTastykakes’ ass on her Twitter and OnlyFans page. She makes a ton of great content and yes, her booty is the star of the show. We’ll let you find out for yourself, but lets just say she used her booty for all sorts of things, including foreign objects (wink wink).

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