Roxy Derosa is a Brat

Roxy Derosa uses many adjectives to call herself, but one of her favorite is a brat. There are a few definitions for the word “brat”, so take your pick which one Roxy is referring to. There’s the classic definition, a spoiled person that always gets what they want and then there’s the less classic definition, a submissive that likes to push their doms buttons on purpose hoping that they’ll punish them. I’m not going to venture a guess, maybe it’s both, we’ll let Roxy tell us her definition is of a brat. Regardless of the definition, Roxy Derosa is smoking hot. She has sun-kissed skin with yet black hair. Something tells me she certainly gets what she wants. In addition to her hot bod, Roxy has a nice selection of tattoos and has both her nipples pierced. If you’re looking for a brat that’s also a freak in the sheets, give Roxy a further look. You can find her content on Twitter and OnlyFans. Oh, by the way, she calls herself the BJ Queen, let that one sink in, enjoy!

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