Rock Climbing Pornstar Rocky Emerson

Rock climber by day, pornstar by night (and sometimes during the day), say hi to the amazing Rocky Emerson. Born to climb and a strong sexual appetite, Rocky Emerson is the perfect combination of outdoor enthusiast and fun loving pornstar. I’m not sure if there’s any correlation to climbing rocks and sitting on rock hard cocks, but if there is Rocky Emerson would be the face of the movement.

Lets start with Rocky Emerson’s rock climbing skills. While she loves making adult content, her true passion is rock climbing. We’re not talking hiking up a mountain or rock wall climbing, we’re talking about full blown scaling mountains. The kind of climbing where you’re using a rope and harness system. There aren’t any nice steps or paths, you’re just scaling a vertical rock. That’s the type of rock climbing we’re talking about. Rocky Emerson is passionate about the sport and I’m guessing that’s where the Rocky in her name comes from.

Along with rock climbing and loving the outdoors in general you better believe she’s a big exhibitionist. There’s something about being outdoors that gets Rocky Emerson excited about stripping down to nothing but her birthday suit. Whether it’s flashing while rock climbing or sitting bottomless on the top of a rock, you get a ton of nude outdoor content from her. She has several other passions you can discover on her social media pages, but lets move out to her other big passion, being a pornstar.

With all that physical activity Rocky Emerson keeps her body tight and fit, which is perfect when filming porn. She’s shot with several big studios and she loves making her own content as well. She has a body and a look that makes her a real fan pleaser. She’s tall, skinny, has great tits and a firm little ass. Tattoo fans out there will be happy because she’s covered from her arms down to her legs. We’re really digging her look and vibes.

You can see more, a lot more, of Rocky Emerson and her outdoor and sexual adventures on her social media and fan sites here. If you’re looking for a rock climber exhibitionist pornstar Rocky Emerson is your girl. You’re not going to be disappointed with this one, promise.

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