Ren Elex Has An Amazing Bush

Ren Elex has an amazing bush and that’s no lie. Ren Elex bucks the trend of the past 10+ years of going completely bald. She has an A+ bush and keeps it trimmed up nicely. Ren’s bush is just the start of the fun when it comes to this petite beauty. She’s an adult content creator and as you can see from the pics below she likes to show herself to the world, all of herself.

With Ren’s orange hair and tight frame she gives off Milla Javovich vibes from The Fifth Element. If you’ve seen The Fifth Element you know exactly what I’m talking about. For fans of the movie I know you were dying to know what Leeloo (that’s Milla’s character) looked like without her futuristic suit on, I know I sure was. Well the closest you’re going to get is Ren. Ren has an equally hot body as Leeloo with perfectly small tits and a tight ass. Maybe the only difference is that Leeloo was probably bald down south or the movie production team did a really good job hiding her bush in that little outfit.

We mentioned up front that Ren Elex is an adult content creator and that’s good news for the world. Her content spans from solo masturbation, with lots of squirting, to sloppy blowjobs. She’s also into kink and fetish friendly content. You’ll have to contact her directly to find unlock that content! You can find more Ren Elex on her fan sites and Twitter. Enjoy!

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