Cosplay Deviant Amy Fantasy

Every comic book and anime guy (and girl) has that fantasy of your favorite sexy super hero coming to real life. Super heros are drawn with accentuated curves that make you wonder if any real life person could actually look like the drawings. I’m here to tell you the answer is yes, there are real life models that really make your favorite characters come to real life. Amy Fantasy is one of those models. She’s a super sexy, super curvy babe with an appetite for Cosplay and everything XXX.

Amy Fantasy attracts her fans with her Cosplay and keeping them coming back for more with her XXX skills. Amy Fantasy’s Cosplay spans everything from Raven to Starfire to anime characters. For your sex lovers out there that’s where the fun starts, you may find other Cosplayers dressing in sexy outfits and stopping there. With Amy Fantasy you get much more. You get to see her performing in her outfits, and that means everything from solo to masturbation to hardcore sex. You no longer have to fantasize, you get to see the real deal.

You may be asking yourself how Amy Fantasy has her unique looks. It’s because she’s a unique mix of Puerto Rican and Hungarian. Now that’s not a combo you see often. The mix affords her those Eastern European looks and healthy boobs and ass from her Puerto Rican side. It all comes together in a great package. If you’re a Cosplay fan and lover of adult content you’re going to fall in love with Amy Fantasy. Go check out her XXX exploits on her fan pages and be see to check out her softer side on Twitter. Enjoy!

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