Playboy Playmate Jenni Tay

Playboy Playmate turned girlfriend experience Jenni Tay is here to make your dreams come true. When Playboy wasn’t read for the articles, people of all ages flipped through the pages to look at gorgeous naked women. There was never a real thought about seeing the models in real life, well because that wasn’t a reality. Maybe if you were lucky you lived in California or there was some sort of touring show that came through your town. I made up that last part, I don’t know if there was ever a Playboy tour, but if there was that would have been amazing. In any event, fast forward to today and your chance of meeting a genuine Playboy Playmate is reality.

Jenni Tay has that classic Playboy look, blonde with a slender body and big tits. She has a gorgeous face with a slim jawline, little nose and full lips. Her hair is long and it’s flowing. Yup, all characteristics of a Playboy Playmate. If you’re wondering how big her enhanced boobs are, you would be right if you guessed 32DDD. That’s large and in charge! One enhancement you’ll find on Jenni Tay and not other Playboy models are her tattoos. She has a large tattoo across her midsection and a nice little tat on her ass. If our write up doesn’t have your juices flowing by now just check out the pictures below and you’re guaranteed to be sprung.

As a girlfriend experience Jenni Tay aims to please. If you don’t know what a girlfriend experience is Google it or stop by her website. We’re dedicated to feature all Hot Girls across the globe, regardless of profession and we’re happy to be featuring Jenni Tay. In addition to her website you can follow her adventures on Twitter. Enjoy!

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