Anime Girlfriend Rii

We could all use an anime girlfriend in our life, especially if that girlfriend is Rii. Rii is a model and adult content creator hailing from Canada and she’s all in on the anime and cosplay lifestyle. For those of you not familiar with anime, anime is animation distinct to Japan. The female characters tend to be drawn with large eyes, small mouth, nose and chin and have fairly round faces. Their bodies are slim with over exaggerated boobs and butts. They have a playful attitude and dress in well fitting clothes, sometimes with a school girl look. We could go on and on about anime, but your best bet is to Google anime if you want to learn more.

Cosplay generally refers to someone who likes to dress up and act out an animated characters, in real life. Now put together cosplay and anime and you get Rii. While you get all the benefits of anime cosplay you get a big bonus because Rii takes it one step further and adds her own naughty twist. As an adult content creator Rii brings the XXX anime goodness and we’re all for it.

As mentioned earlier, Rii’s face and body takes on the persona of a classic anime girl. She has all the features including a small nose, big boobs and a healthy butt. She also has some A+ hips which add to the look. Not only is her body amazing, but she has numerous tattoos throughout her body, paying homage to anime. The stars encircling her body are a nice touch and of course we’re loving the large Boba Fett tattoo on her hip.

With Rii you get all the naughty anime content you could hope for. Her content spans from dressing up as your favorite anime character, undressing as your favorite anime character, masturbation and all the way to b/g and g/g sex. She brings her whole anime self when creating her pictures and videos and they’re all amazing.

If you’re looking for your next anime girlfriend come to life we strong suggest Rii. She doesn’t disappoint and she does a great job brining anime characters to life. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. We hope to see a lot more of Rii here in the future, enjoy! We give Rii our Hot Girl stamp of approval.

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