Naughty Kitty Brat

There are good kitties and there are bad kitties, and then there are naughty kitties. Kitty Brat squarely fits into the naughty kitty category. She’s a hotwife, MILF and self-proclaimed slut. If there’s sex to be had she’s all about it and the more sex the better. Kitty Brat is an adult content creator and she certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Kitty Brat is a MILF that has a strong sex drive and keeps her body in shape with what we like to call a steady diet of XXX workouts. She has all natural curves with nice tits, a nice ass and a gorgeous face. It all gets put to great use in her hotwife/swinger lifestyle. If you like boy/girl content, girl/girl content, swinger content, anal content, double penetration content, and cumshot content, you get it all with Kitty Brat and that’s just the start. Everything you could imagine a MILF swinger with no restrictions cold produce, she does. With all the content Kitty Brat creates I’m not sure when she even times to work in mommy duties. She’s a busy girl and she aims to please her adoring fans.

If you’re looking for a real-life hotwife that likes to share her sexual adventures with her fans, Kitty Brat is for you. You can find links to Kitty Brat’s social media and fan sites here. You’re in for a treat when it comes to Kitty Brat, enjoy!

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