Model of the Day: Texas Kitty (Catherine)

Today’s model of the day is the busty brunette, Texas Kitty or as she goes by her given name, Catherine. Texas Kitty was born in Texas and now resides in California. She’s a sun worshipper and takes every advantage she has to get out in the sun and bronze her curvy body. As they say, suns out, guns out, which absolutely applies to Texas Kitty. She loves tanning in her bikini, which most of the time is a sheer bikini. When she’s not tanning in her bikini she’s tanning in the nude. Hence why you don’t see an inch of tan lines on her beautifully bronzed boobs. Speaking of boobs, they are spectacular to say the least. Not sure the size, but my guess is they’re in the double or triple letter range. Texas Kitty knows they’re awesome and isn’t afraid to flaunt them. Lately she’s also been flaunting her booty on camera, which is equally as impressive as her boobs. We’ve featured Texas Kitty on a number of our #tittytuesday posts and we’re happy to have her as today’s model of the day. If you like sexy women with big boobs and a propensity for some public nudity then Texas Kitty is your dream girl. You can find more of Texas Kitty on Twitter.

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