German Bombshell Kada Love

We’re super excited to feature German blonde bombshell, single mother and former pornstar Kada Love. Kada Love can best be classified as a super hot tattoo babe with quite a naughty side to her. But don’t let the tattoos fool you, she uniquely keeps a soft and playful side about her which adds to why we love her so much. When we first discovered Kada Love we knew right away that she’s someone we had to feature and someone we know our fans are going to love.

As mentioned Kada Love is a former pornstar, shooting for many of the big studios out there. If you Google her you can find all her original work. When she first started working in the industry she didn’t have any tattoos. She had that classic pornstar look including a gorgeous face, big boobs and long blonde hair. She’s since hung up her pornstar days and traded it in for motherhood and tattoos. Don’t be worried though, while she no longer shoots porn she’s entered the world of adult content creation. She creates her own content and it’s straight fire, we’ll get to that a little later.

Lets take a few minutes to worship what can only be described as pure beauty when it comes to Kada Love. It all starts with her gorgeous face, chiseled jawline, big lucious lips and blonde hair. Her face alone no doubt turns heads, when the clothes starting coming off the magic really starts. Kada Love has a slim build and curves in all the right place. She has huge enhanced boobs, little nipples, big healthy hips and an equally amazing ass. She tops off her look with tattoos from head to toe. She has an eclectic mix of tattoos on her neck, arms and leg. If you’re a tattoo fan it’s well worth a deeper look exploring each of her intricate tattoos. Each one tells a story of her life.

Now getting back to her content. You can find a large mix of pictures and videos on her fan sites included solo nudes, masturbation and more. While she’s hung up her pornstar days, she still certainly knows how to get down and dirty. Her specialty is dirty talk and making custom content. if you want Kada Love to speak directly to you, using words you won’t find on the radio, Kada Love is the woman for you.

You can find links to all Kada Love’s social media and fan sites here. She’s a woman of many talents and she loves interacting with her fans, so be sure to give her a follow. This German blonde bombshell is one not to be missed, enjoy!

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