Model of the Day: Sashajaks

Today’s model of the day is Playboy Playmate Sashajaks. Sashajaks hails from Spain and calls herself a Baywatch Barbie. I’m sure you’re all very familiar with the show Baywatch, in case you aren’t I’ll give you a short overview. Baywatch was a drama show in the 90’s about lifeguards who patrol the beaches of California. The show was made famous by the gorgeous female actresses wearing revealing red bathing suits. The most famous of the lifeguards being the blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson. For probably the 1% of the population that didn’t know about Baywatch, now you know. Getting back to Sashajaks, she could have definitely been a model on Baywatch. She has the looks, blonde hair, tight body and big boobs that was the signature of all Baywatch models. If Playboy model, Baywatch Barbie and stripper checks all the boxes for you then you’ll definitely want to check out more of Sashajaks. You can see more of her, a lot more of her, on Twitter and OnlyFans. Enjoy!

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