Jesy Fux Argentinian Model and Amateur Pornstar

Here at Hot Girl Index we post hot girls from across the globe and Jesy Fux is no exception. Jesy Fux hails from Argentina where she makes some of the hottest amateur adult content you’ll see, she’s an amateur pornstar. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Argentina here are a few fun facts 1) Argentinians love eating meat 2) the national sport is Pato 3) Lionel Messi, the famous soccer play is from Argentina 4) people like to listen to the radio 5) lastly everyone likes to greet each other with a kiss. Now that you’re an amateur expert on Argentina, lets get back to Jesy.

Jesy brings a spiritual side to everything she does. She’s a free spirit and enjoys making content outdoors. You can find Jesy in the nude everywhere from beaches to mountains. The background in her photos is breathtaking and Jesy certainly is the perfect accessory to these amazing scenes. Jesy has flawless sun kissed skin, amazing tits and the perfect ass. When Jesy Fux isn’t taking selfies, she’s making XXX content with her boy and girl friends. She certainly does not discriminate when it comes to sex! If you’re into outdoor nudity you’re going to love Jesy Fux because she makes a ton of outdoor content. You can find more of amateur Pornstar Jesy Fux on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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