Alyssa Bounty is a Moldova Goddess

Alyssa Bounty is a skinny little goddess from the country of Moldova. Before you look up where Moldova is, we’ll save you the trouble. Moldova is a small country between Romania and Ukraine. The country is relatively new, gaining its independent in 1992. The country is famous for their fine wine and even finer women, Alyssa Bounty.

Alyssa is an adult content creator, appearing on many popular adult sites. Judging for her content just about everything goes. When it comes to sex she doesn’t hold back, lets just say no part of Alyssa’s body is off limits. Besides her pro-level sex game, she has a killer look. She has all the characteristics of that classic sultry goddess, black hair, dark skin and soul piercing eyes. She’s a young skinny little thing and she knows how to work every inch of her body.

If you take away two things from the post they should be one, you now know where Moldova is and two, Alyssa Bounty is one sexy goddess. You can find more of Alyssa Bounty on Twitter and OnlyFans. We have a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Alyssa in the future!

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