Model of the Day: Glitteringgypsygirl

Today’s model of the day is the curvy Canadian Glitteringgypsygirl. Glitteringgypsygirl is oozing with beauty, she’s got the boobs, the hips, the ass and of course her stand out feature, those lips! Yes, those lips, they are enticing and suck you right in, on multiple levels. Lets also not look past her tattoos. She’s inked up and down both arms. As her name suggests, Glitteringgypsygirl, is a self-proclaimed gypsy girl. Characteristics of a gypsy girl include mysteriously beautiful, provocative, free spirited, sweet and a wanderer. What do you guys think? I guess you’ll have to get to know her to find out if she meets all these characteristics. Last but not least, in true gypsy girl fashion, Glitteringgypsygirl likes to jump on her Harley and ride it to nowhere. Yes, that’s right, she’s also a Harley girl. You can find more of Glitteringgypsygirl on her Twitter and OnlyFans page.

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