Model of the Day: Demi Devine

Today’s Model of the Day is the inked angel Demi Devine, hailing from the UK. Demi has an eclectic mix of tattoos pretty much from head to toe. I’m by no means a tattoo expert, but it looks like she has a uniform style she goes with. I don’t know if there’s a wrong approach or right approach for getting tattoos, but I dig the uniform look. For any tattoo experts out there, what are your thoughts on approach? OK, enough about me blabbering about my complete lack of tattoo knowledge. One of Demi’s most unique and noticeable (when naked) tattoos are the large roses covering her cheeks. I’m having a “wake up and smell the roses” moment when thinking about them. Which is probably the point since Demi produces her own adult content. I’m sure she has quite a few smell the roses pictures in her fan collection. If hot girls covered in tattoos is your bag, then Demi is your girl. You can find more of Demi Devine on Twitter and OnlyFans.

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