Curvy Tattoo Babe SwagPanda

If you like curvy girls with big juicy boobs and even bigger bootys you’re going to love SwagPanda. She’s a super hot adult content creator and she knows how to take advantage of her natural curves. She’s not just another pretty face, she’s a pretty face model with a whole lot to offer.

In addition to having amazing curves, we’ll get back to that soon, you can’t help but notice she has mad tattoo game. She has an eclectic mix of tattoos spanning her entire body. She has two sleeves, on that extends to half her back, a sternum tattoo and a massive rose tattoo that extends from her hip all the way down her leg. The rose tattoo is quite a site to behold. It looks absolutely amazing on her.

Now back to that lip smacking body of hers. SwagPanda has curves and we mean curves for days. She puts herself in the BBW category, but I would say she simply fits into the curvy category. She has large natural boobs that hang ever so gently and her areolas and nipples are the perfect size for her boobs. Of course her ass is equally if not more impressive. It’s big round and juicy. I mean perfectly big round and juicy. It’s so juicy that it makes you want to give it a big spank or just lay your head on it and make it the most comfortable pillow ever. SwagPanda knows what she’s working with and her ass is definitely the star of the show. As an adult content creator you get to see SwagPanda in all her glory. Not only do you get to see her nude ass, you get to see it twerking and you even get to see her stuff toys in it. Yes, stuff toys in it! There’s a lot to love and we’re loving all of it.

Looking through SwagPanda’s social media you’ll quickly learn she’s into more than just getting naked behind the camera. She’s a bodybuilder and a gamer. SwagPanda has many talents and we strongly suggest you get to know her more on her fan site and Twitter. We’re really digging SwagPanda and we give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval, enjoy!

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