Model of the Day: Angelina Skyy

Today’s Model of the Day is the curvy Latina goddess Angelina Skyy. Angelina hails from Texas, where the locals say “everything is bigger in Texas.” Judging from the size of Angelina’s boobs, the locals may have a point. Fun fact, Alaska is the only state in the union that is larger than Texas in land mass. Bet you didn’t know you were going to get a geography lesson today, did you? OK, but who cares, lets get back to the subject of this post, Angelina Skyy. While Angelina checks the box as it relates to her curves, her best assets include her smile and lips, which are what really make her a hot girl. If Latina’s are your thing, and why wouldn’t they be, Angelina Skyy should be on your top 10 list. You can find more of her on Twitter and multiple selling platforms.

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