Midwest Hottie Samantha Roxy

They say everyone in the Midwest is nice and Samantha Roxy is no exception. This little firecracker from Ohio is as nice as it gets. Samantha is a party girl, a stripper and is ready to bring the fun to any party. Who doesn’t like a stripper that that’s willing to travel. While Samantha Roxy only travels a short distance from her home in Toledo, lucky for everyone else she’s active on Twitter and OnlyFans, and let me tell you, she brings the party virtually.

Samantha stands at 5’4 and has a body to die for. She’s fit, tight and has an amazing rack, 32DDD tits to be exact. All that time dancing has certainly done a body good. If Samantha’s body and pretty smile wasn’t enough, her tattoos are the icing on the cake. If you’re into inked angels Samantha brings the goods. She has a great mix of tattoos all over her body for your viewing pleasure. See if you can find her heart tattoos. Here’s a hint, you’ll see it when she’s bent over. For those of you who can’t see Samantha’s stripper skills in person, she has a trailer video on YouTube. The video will give you a glimpse into how she can contort her body into all sorts of amazing positions. Those of you who are lucky enough to experience Samantha Roxy in person, bless you!

As we mentioned, you can see more, a lot more, of Samantha Roxy on Twitter and OnlyFans. Her content is fire and being a Midwest sweetheart, she does it with a smile and love. We know you’re going to love Samantha as much as we do. Enjoy!

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