Legendary Pornstar Kelly Divine

We have a legend to introduce you to today, a porn legend, her name is Kelly Divine. Kelly Divine started her porn career in 2007, where you could find her shooting for the biggest companies in the industry. She had a long and successful career in porn and then decided to take a break. She’s back now, and while she may have hung up her porn career she’s now showing the world her day-to-day life via her fan site. Don’t worry, she still is a very sexual girl and she loves to show off her sexual side, this time from her own perspective.

The first thing you’ll notice when checking out Kelly Divine are her amazing curves. Her curves have served her well in the adult industry and continue to impress today. She has larger than life boobs and a booty made of gold. It doesn’t matter if you’re a T (tits) or A (ass) fan, she has both, in abundance. As mentioned she’s not shy about being in front of the camera. She loves to snap photos and videos with her phone for her fans. The content on her fan site is straight fire, with a mix of the classics and a mix of the new. You’ll find photos and videos that include vanilla nudity to solo masturbation to straight up XXX fun. She has a little bit of something for everyone.

We’re really digging what Kelly Divine has to offer. It’s not often you see a former pornstar take the leap and start creating their own, in real life, content. We’re really digging what she’s doing and we think you will as well. Oh, did we mention she’s a mom now? Yup, she’s now a MILF and can add that to her long resume of accomplishments. You can find more of Kelly Divine on her fan site, Twitter and Instagram. We’re looking forward to seeing a lot more of Kelly Divine on the site in the future. Enjoy!

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