Arizona Throat Goat Bree Austin

We have a new MILF for you and you’re going to fall in love with her instantly. She’s a mature babe from Arizona and she’s a self-proclaimed throat goal, her name is Bree Austin. If you’ve never heard the term throat goat you can probably use your imagination to figure out what it means, if nothing is coming to mind let us help, blowjob queen. She’s hot, she’s horny and she’s hitting her sexual stride.

As an Arizona girl, Bree Austin gets plenty of Vitamin D. That includes both getting plenty of sun and dick in the bedroom. She worships and can’t get enough of both. As you can see form the pictures below Bree Austin has that classic Arizona look with blonde hair, youthful skin and some killer tan lines. She loves being outside and taking in everything Arizona has to offer. When she’s not out and about town being sexy she’s performing magic behind closed doors.

As a throat goat you better believe Bree Austin loves sucking dick. She’s made an art out of it and she’s really good at it. Now we personally don’t have first hand knowledge of these skills, we can tell she has the skills by watching her videos. She worships the dick and has a way of sucking it like a lollipop and she makes it a point to give every inch a good tongue lashing. She knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s great to just sit back and watch this pro be a pro.

While your eyes may go to her throat goat skills, there’s a whole lot more to love. Bree Austin has a banging body! She has a super cute face with a great smile, big eyes and long eyelashes. With just a look and a batting of those eyelashes will have you hooked. Once you’re there the fun keeps getting better. Her slim build and curves in all the right places are the icing on the cake. Bree Austin has great tits and a nice healthy ass.

As an adult content creator you get to see Bree Austin in all her glory and that includes a whole lotta blowjob action, sex and nude modeling. You find links to all her social media and fan sites here. If you’re looking for a new mature MILF with throat goat skills we highly recommend you start following Bree Austin, you won’t be disappointed. We give her our Hot Girl stamp of approval.

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