Jenlynn’s Nipples are the Star

Jenlynn is part of a growing trend that we can get on board with, nipple tattoos, or probably more anatomically correct, areola tattoos. Once a part of the female body that was left untouched in the world of tattoos is becoming a popular place to get inked. Jenlynn’s star tattoos are simply amazing. They say stars are a symbol of divine guidance and protection. I would have to agree, her tattoos are simply divine. We could certainly go on and on and analyze the rest of her tattoos, but that would take all day. Jenlynn has that classic model look, but behind those innocent eyes she ha a wild side to her. You can find her making adult content where pretty much nothing is off limits. If skinny blondes with tattoos is your thing then you’re going to fall in love with Jenlynn. You can find more of Jenlynn on ManyVids, OnlyFans and Twitter.

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