now allows picture uploads in chat

We mentioned it just a few days ago in our How To: Make Money Using Friend.Tech and it’s already here, you can now upload pictures on In the group chat feature if you click the picture app you can upload a picture. Thankfully the functionality is only available to the person who owns the profile. If that wasn’t the case anyone who owns a key could post a picture, which would be extremely annoying.

So far it doesn’t appear there are restrictions on the type of content that can be uploaded. is suppose to be a decentralized app so theoretically there won’t be restrictions. We’ll see how things evolve. The app is still in beta mode and the shaping of terms and additional functionality is still forthcoming.

All in all the addition of uploading pictures is quite a game changer. Traditional fan sites out there should take notice if they haven’t already. I anticipate more features will continue to be added and the app will be on par with OnlyFans, but with a HUGE upside for both models and fans alike.

Make sure to stay with us to learn more about the app and new features as they get added. We drop the alpha on new models joining the app in our profile so be sure to be a key holder.

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