Barbie Girl Gone Bad Fetisch Barbie

If I closed my eyes and dreamed what Barbie would look like as a fetish model it would definitely be Fetisch Barbie. Blonde haired Barbie was designed to be wholesome, Fetisch Barbie is the exact opposite, although she does retain the sexy measurements of Barbie. Fetisch Barbie has that dark haired bad ass look about her, with some super sensual looks to go with it. Fetisch Barbie has big plump lips, deep dark eyes and tattoos from head to toe. She’s smoking hot in more ways that one. Whether she’s smoking a cigarette or just creating a smoke show, she’ll have you hooked and wanting more.

Fetisch Barbie is a fetish model through and through, she has tons of kinky content that will have even the most hardened fetish fan excited to see how much more she can push boundaries. I’m not going to list her fetish repertoire here, you’ll have to navigate over to her fan page to see if for yourself. There not only will you see her fetish content, but you’ll be able to see this Barbie in all her beauty, fully nude. If you want to know what she looks like naked and her perfect curves, you’ll be able to see it all. Below is just a glimpse of her content, before you head over to her fan page you can start following her on social media via her Twitter profile.

If you’re looking for that Barbie girl gone bad, and I mean really bad, you’re in luck with Fetisch Barbie. She brings the goods and we promise she’ll have you hooked and wanting more. Enjoy!

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