Female Wrestler and Badass Amethyst Hammerfist

If female wrestling is your thing we have a treat for you today. Say hi to the beautiful female wrestler and all around badass Amethyst Hammerfist. The world has professional female wrestling and then there’s spicy female wrestling. Spicy female wrestling is the kind of wrestling where beautiful models wrestle each other and there’s usually a chance a nip slip and even nudity ensue. This is the type of female wrestling we love and whether you’re already a fan or haven’t experienced it yet, we think after learning about Amethyst Hammerfist you’ll turn into a fan.

Spicy female wrestling involves women wrestling other women and also men. Watching these women dominate one another is quite a turn-on and overall is fun to watch. These ladies don’t hold back, you can tell because the muscles are flexed and bulging. Sure there are smiles form time to time, but it’s definitely all business. They don’t hold back and it’s not a scripted match like you’ll see on TV.

Amethyst Hammerfist is a producer and wrestler herself. She has the perfect build for wrestling which includes a strong body, with killer curves. You can tell from her physique that she spends time in the gym and of course time on the wrestling match. She could probably kick your ass and for you wrestling fans out there, that’s a good thing! Amethyst Hammerfist has big tits and a healthy booty, which shines in all her matches. When she’s wrestling in a little bikini it’s quite simply a thing of beauty. While Amethyst Hammerfist has a badass side to her, she also has a softer side and the looks to get her published in a softcore lingerie shoot. But don’t be fooled, her badass side is the persona she lives by day to day.

Whether you’ve been a fan of female wresting for years or just hearing about it now, we strongly suggest you check out Amethyst Hammerfist and her photos and videos. You can find all her content here. You can also find her on Twitter. We give Amethyst Hammerfist our Hot Girl stamp of approval, enjoy!

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