Cosplay and Waifu Babe BearySweetWaifu

Coming in hot and super sexy we’re happy to feature Cosplay and waifu babe BearySweetWaifu. If you’re into curvy waifu characters then BearySweetWaifu is your real life waifu come true. When you think of curvy waifu characters the main characteristics are big natural boobs, large hips and a big healthy booty. BearySweetWaifu has all three and all three in abundance.

As a waifu girl you can expect some Cosplay and she brings it with some really A+ Cosplay. Some of the characters she’s fantastically brought to life include Eris Drakos, Rias Gremory, Mitsuri Kanjori and so many more. She even goes outside of the anime category from time to time, including a hot Rogue (Marvel) number. She not only looks great in her skimpy interpretation of the costumes, but she plays close attention to detail. These are store bought costumes, they’re handmade and they’re awesome.

BearySweetWaifu is an adult content creator which means not only do you get the PG-13 Cosplay outfits, but you also get the R-rated Cosplay and the X-rated stuff. When you have a waifu chracter come to life your imagination runs wild. You can only imagine what the character would look like nude and BearySweetWaifu is happy to make that fantasy come to life. Just as easily as she dresses up, she just as easily strips out of her costumes. She goes from costume, to full nude to you guessed it, full blow masturbation and boy/girl sex. There’s nothing like watching a model having sex dressed up in Cosplay, it’s super hot and if you haven’t seen it before, you’re missing out.

It wouldn’t be a Hot Girl Index article if we didn’t at least spend a minute adminiring BearySweetWaifu’s body. As mentioned in the opening she has natural curves for days. She has huge 38G natural tits and one thicc ass. She’s also a tattoo girl with several eclectic tattoos all over. We particularly like the Game Over tat on the back of her thighs. Add in BearySweetWaifu’s super cute face and you get the total package.

If you want to see more of this waifu model, you can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. We’re totally crushing on BearySweetWaifu and hope to see more of her in the future. Enjoy!

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