Bimbo Fuck Doll xbunnyxkissesx

What, are you offended by the blog title? Don’t be upset with us, be mad at xbunnyxkissesx. xbunnyxkissesx is a self-proclaimed bimbo fuck doll and we love it. Some models shy away from the term bimbo and fuck doll, xbunnyxkissesx embraces both. xbunnyxkissesx is a spicy babe from Miami, where she lives her best life and does so half-dressed and nude most of the time.

xbunnyxkissesx is a 40+ model and she only gets better with age. She’s addicted to silicone and tattoos and everything in between. xbunnyxkissesx body is built for speed and she loves sharing it with others. Long hair, big boobs and a big butt help define xbunnyxkissesx . xbunnyxkissesx loves to get her boobs enhanced and she goes by the motto, the bigger the better. Not to be outdone is her large healthy ass. It’s big, it’s beautiful and she puts all sorts of objects in it! Combine her looks, slim body, big boobs and big ass and you get one A+ fuck doll.

With a body like xbunnyxkissesx’s and a bimbo mindset, you’ll often times find her wearing little more than a cocktail dress and usually nothing but a bikini. If you know Miami it’s not uncommon to see people wearing bikinis to the grocery store and other public locations, but you won’t usually find some as risque as xbunnyxkissesx. Her bikinis are barely there bikinis and when she’s wearing a top it’s usually without a bra.

Things start to get really spicy when you look at her photos and videos. You get all the standard nude and outdoor nude pics and vidoes, but it’s the kinky and sex content that gets our blood flowing. She’s a size girl and likes putting big things in all her holes. Don’t be surprised if you see her out in public taking her butt plug out for all to see, directly from her ass. That’s the kind of content you get from xbunnyxkissesx. It’s unique and it’s all wonderful.

We made it this far and haven’t even talked about her large mix of tattoos and piercings. She has them all over and each one is better than the next. There are too many to describe here so we’ll let you explore them on your own. If you’re looking for a bimbo fuck doll that lives life to the max we strongly suggest you start to follow xbunnyxkissesx . You can find links to her social media and fan sites here. You won’t be disappointed, trust me. Enjoy!

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