Big Booty Girl Maya Bijou

Are you a fan of big booty girls? If you answered yes you’re in for a treat and that treat is Maya Bijou. She’s an all natural babe with curves for days and ass to please. Maya Bijou hails from Los Angeles, the city of angels, and she certainly is an angel, albeit one with a bit of a naughty side to her.

Maya Bijou is a fun-loving model that’s living her best life and that best life involves a whole lot of nudity and sex. Maya Bijou has the body and curves to please any man or woman. Her natural curves include cute tits a slim build and a world class ass. Her ass is so perfect, containing both size, roundness and the perfect firmness. It sounds like we’re explaining the perfect sleep number mattress when talking about her ass. I bet her fellow partners would probably say you could take a nap on Maya Bijou’s ass and it’s like heaven. While her body is amazing of course it all starts with her super cute face.

Maya Bijou is a fan pleaser and she does that in multiple ways. She’s happy to create custom fetish content for her fans, just ask, and you can even get your hands on her panties. If you’re more of a pic and video fan you’ll find everything from boy/girl to girl/girl to threesomes and more. Her big booty is prominently featured in all her pics and videos so you won’t be disappointed. You can find links to all her social media and fan sites here. Once you go Maya Bijou you won’t go back, enjoy!

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