Bella Bare The Petite Professor

We have a treat for you today and her name is Bella Bare, the petite professor. She’s a bundle of fun with lots of life experiences, all wrapped up in a petite little package. Bella Bare is a real deal professor, nurse, United States Air Force Veteran, MILF and swinger. There’s a bunch of other attributes we can say about Bella Bare, but those are all in the content of the adult industry, which will get to later.

We’ve featured nurses, US Armed Forces veterans and a ton of MILFs and swingers, and even teachers, but I think Bella Bare is our first professor. Think back to your time in college, did you ever have a hot professor and wonder what the professor did in her private time. Could you even image that said professor would be a sex loving swinger? I bet there are a lot more kinky professors out there than you think, I mean, it’s college, so there must be. The students aren’t the only hornballs on campus. I don’t think Bella Bare is still a professor, what I do know is she’s an adult content creator and a damn good one at that.

Bella Bare measures in at a petite 5 ft and she weighs 96 lbs. Those measurements put her squarely in the build for speed and build for fun category. She has cute little tits and a petite and round little booty. We particularly love her little vag and healthy clit. With such a slim build we get the pleasure of seeing Bella Bare’s clit pop. She’s the complete package and she looks amazing when performing in front of the camera.

As mentioned Bella Bare is an adult content creator and her pics an videos span a range of genres. As a swinger and hotwife you better believe she shoots a ton of couples content. Bella Bare is super friendly and welcoming, and other couples line up to shoot with her and her husband. She also loves hanging with BBC (big black cocks) and even likes a little Cosplay on the side. She pretty much has something for everyone to enjoy. You can find links to all Bella Bare’s social media and fan sites here. If you’re looking for a new model to follow and sub to we strongly suggest you give Bella Bare a look, she’s awesome. Enjoy!

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