Twitter Employee Turned Adult Content Creator Barbie Feels

Have you ever met a Twitter employee? If not, you have now, say hi to former Twitter employee Barbie Feels. She use to work at Twitter and made the leap to adult content creator. We’re not sure what her job was at Twitter, perhaps she was moderating adult content and got so turned on she decided to give it a go herself. Now that’s probably not the story, but we can fantasize, can’t we.

After quitting her job at Twitter Barbie Feels turned to porn full-time. She went from being behind the scene at Twitter, to posting herself on Twitter. Can you imagine what her former coworkers were thinking when they first say Barbie Feels post herself full nude on Twitter. I’m sure the feelings ranged from disgusted all the way to damn, why didn’t I shoot my shot when I had a chance. Whatever the feelings were, we’re damn happy she made the move. She’s super hot and she’s definitely living her best life.

Barbie Feels was made for porn with the face, body and over looks. She has a slim build with perfect tis and a nice little ass. Barbie Feels keeps herself fit and always camera ready. Her body is tight and meant for speed. When she’s performing in front of the camera she can easily get into any position needed. She needs that type of limber body because when it comes to making content she makes it all. She loves sex and lots of it. She’s into solo, boy/girl, girl/girl and group sex. Sprinkle in her appetite for deep throating, anal and squirting and you get the full Barbie Feels experience.

Like everyone, we have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, but with Barbie Feels it’s all love. You can find links to her social media and fan sites here. Be sure to give her a follow, you won’t be disappointed.

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