The Hardbody Masked Vixen

As we’ve said in the past we accept all hot girls, even those that don’t show their face or even their head (note: we assume they all have a head attached to their body). When Masked Vixen said she wanted to be on the site we certainly we’re going to say no. She categorized herself as a hardbody, toned, fetish, water sports kind of a gal. I would throw in a mil drinker, because it definitely looks like it does a body good. She’s so tight you could probably bounce a quarter off her ass, but don’t stand too close because the rebound might knock you out. She provided us with a bunch of photos to show you what she looks like both from the front and from behind, I mean back. If you’re into toned and fit hot girls check out Masked Vixen’s Twitter and OnlyFans pages.

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