Model (that does not show face) of the Day: Ms Blissful

Today’s model of the day, Ms Blissful, doesn’t show her face, but she has a body to die for. Ms Blissful is your typical small town wife that has a kinky side (hint the fact that she doesn’t show her face). How many small town kinky wives are out there, thousands and thousands across the country! If you live in a small town do you think you could point out the women that have a kinky side? Wouldn’t you love to know those women actually posts nude photos online? I’m sure you would. We salute these small town kinky girls and there willing to go (almost) all the way. Ms. Blissful is a towering 6’1″ and has a rack to match. With tits that size on a tall frame, they must be coming in in the double if not triple letter category. As you can see from the pics below, Ms Blissful doesn’t mind showing off the goods at home, in public or at work. This is definitely our kind of girl. We give Ms. Blissful a big thumbs up on the hot girl index. You can find more of Ms Blissful on Twitter and OnlyFans. Enjoy!

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