Model of the Day: Jeskaline

Today’s model of the day is the sexy gamer Jeskaline. Imagine playing your favorite video game online, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, maybe Madden and you think you’re playing against another snot nosed kid, but it turns out you’re playing against a tatted up hottie that likes to get naked on camera. Yes this is the dream of many gamers, but the reality is it’s true and probably more true then you think. Case in point, Jeskaline. When Jeskaline is not spending time showing off her A+ body, she’s gaming with the best of them. I’m not sure what Jeskaline’s go to game is, maybe she’ll let us know in the comments section below. Next time you’re gaming online, just picture Jeskaline being on the other end, playing in nothing but her birthday suit. She has a killer look with great tits, piercings in all the right places and a beautiful smile. You can see more of Jeskaline on Twitter.

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