Model of the Day: Jasmine Mendez

Today’s Model of the Day is Jasmine Mendez. Jasmine is a Latina Dominatrix and FinDom queen. I’m assuming most of you know what a dominatrix is, but do you know what FinDom means? FinDom is short for financial domination, it’s a form of erotic humiliation when someone gives money and control of their finances to someone else. FinDom has blown up on social media and tons of people are into it. Note to self, in my next life become a FinDom. Whether dominatrix or FinDom is your thing, I’m sure you’ll all agree that Jasmine Mendez is one sexy hot girl. Since it’s Thong Thursday it’s only fitting that Jasmine blessed us with some juicy thong pics. Actually is she wearing underwear in the pics or not? Let your imagination be the judge. You can find Jasmine on Twitter and multiple fan platforms.

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