McKennaSutra for TittyTuesday

As they say you have to go big or go home. Since it’s TittyTuesday we definitely decided to go big, and by big we mean McKeenaSutra and her lovely lady lumps. McKeenaSutra is a busty blonde babe with curves in all the right places. She has a knack for showing off her boobs and they look amazing in anything she wears, from bras to bikinis. I know we keep going on and and on about her boobs, but they’re spectacular and it’s TittyTuesday so you can’t blame us. In addition to her boobs, McKeenaSutra has a look and smile that will have you coming back for more. She has lips that tease and that long blonde hair makes the look complete.

Lately she’s been into Kama Sutra, hence the name. If you don’t know what Kama Sutra is she would be happy to introduce you to the topic via her video posts. It’s a complete way of life and teaches about positions in the bedroom that you never thought were possible. Looking for us McKeenaSutra is an adult content creator and you can see her moves and much more in her photos and videos…and YES, you can even see her face if you subscribe to her fan site. What are you waiting for, head over to her fan site and Twitter to see more of this bust beauty. You won’t be disappointed.

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