Mature and Sexy USVI Cutie

We’re wrapping up the week we the mature and sexy USVI Cutie. USVI is short for United State Virgin Islands, where USVI Cutie gets her name. She’s a Caribbean girl living her best life as an all around hottie and adult content creator.

USVI Cutie is an island girl so she keeps that always tan glow about her. From time to time you can catch pics and videos of her with tanlines, but most of the time she’s heads to toe bronzed. Our guess for why we don’t see more tanlines is because she enjoys tanning topless and in the buff. Well, that’s at least what we like to think. Judging from some of her pics, she definitely isn’t shy about public flashing, so we’re making the leap to assume she also tans in the buff.

When talking about USVI Cutie’s bod that where things really start to heat up. She’s a blonde with mature model looks and a tight body that doesn’t quit. I’m not sure if she hits the gym, watchers her diet or if it’s genetics (or all three), but whatever she’s doing it works. USVI Cutie has the perfect pair of enhanced tits to go along with a nice firm booty. To top off the look she has several well placed tattoos. All in all I would say she has a Playboy look about her, but with quite a naughty side.

As an adult content creator you can find some really great pics and videos of USVI Cutie on her fan sites. She has everything from Playboy nudes to full blown XXX. She loves sharing herself with men and women and capturing it all on video. Simply put she’s sexy as hell and her content is not to be missed. If blonde women are your thing we recommend checking out more of USVI Cutie on her social media and fan sites here. You’ll like what you see, promise!

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