Marina Valmont As Starfire From Teen Titans

Today is #CosplaySaturday and we’re going to do something a little different this week. Instead of featuring a bunch of Cosplay models, we’re going to feature one and showcase a complete Cosplay shoot. This week we’re featuring the amazing Marina Valmont as Starfire from Teen Titans. Starfire is an alien princess, with the following super powers; doesn’t need oxygen, can learn languages through touch, has skin that can melt metal, and she has hair made of fire flames. Marina nails Starfire with the long red hair, purple crop top and short skirt. But lets be honest, the real question has always been, what’s Starfire hiding under that outfit, well Marina is about to blow your mind. What’s hiding under that outfit is the perfect body, great tits and a killer ass….I mean a really killer ass, what else would you expect f.

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