Hot Housewife LillybGoddess

What better way to start off the week than with a cup of coffee! Well, I would suggest there’s an equally or even better way, with a LillybGoddess feature. LillybGoddess is a self-proclaimed Tumblr refugees who now spends her time making and selling her content on her fan site. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Tumblr saga, a few years ago Tumblr banned all adult content on their site. There was a huge amount of models posting nudes there and instantly needed a place to start posting again. Many came over to Twitter and from there started monetizing their content via fan sites. I don’t recall seeing LillybGoddess’s Tumblr page previously, but I’m guessing she’s stepped up her game since coming over to Twitter, and we’re all for it.

LillybGoddess hails for North Carolina where she extends her southern hospitality well beyond the confines of her home. She’s a hot housewife which means she enjoys pleasing her husband as well as other men. As I’ve said a million times, if you’ve got a house hotwife you should be obligated to share/let her have fun with others. Why should the husbands have all the fun.

As you can see form the pics below LillybGoddess has a lot to offer in the way of pure sexiness. She’s a gorgeous model with big tits, a big ass and amazing curves. LillybGoddess has a few well placed tattoos in just the right spots to tease the men out there. She has a great tattoo on her shoulder and one on her side. She puts in all together with some banging content. Her content ranges from solo masturbation to play time with others. You can tell in all her pics and videos that she loves sex and it shows.

You can find more of this hot housewife and all her naughty adventures on Twitter and her fan site. If you’re into sharing is caring we guarantee you’re going to fall in love with LillybGoddess, enjoy!

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