Hot Girl Index Booby Signage

When marketing companies usually partake in traditional signage which includes newspapers, magazines, billboards and more. The process includes tons of time working on the perfect messaging, design and manufacturing of the signage. This time it take can very, but usually takes weeks if not months from ideation to delivery. We’re happy to admit we’re not traditional. Why waste all that time and resources when you can take advantage of a natural canvas and turn it into kick ass signage. We think there’s a way and we’re calling it booby signage. It’s the type of signage that has all the great qualities of attracting eyes, getting people hooked on the messaging and best of all, keep talking about it to friends and family. It’s simple, the canvas is a model, specifically her boobs, and the messaging is our website. Our first booby signage comes from the beautiful Boltonwife. Her boobs are big enough to fit our entire website + .com on her chest. Besides being our first booby signage she also has some pretty kick ass content that you can also discover. For those of you who may be offended by the booby signage, don’t be. Life is short and we’re all here to have a little fun!

Update 7/7/23 – Our second contributor is the gorgeous and chesty Starrie Night. Her boobs are big, beautiful and she written across both her lovely lady lumps. She even included a video for your viewing pleasure. She’s awesome!

If any other models are interested in participating send us your pics via Twitter DM @hotgirlindex, hotgirlindex is fine if you can’t fit .com.

Starrie Nights
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